The MBBS programme at Sharda University aims at imparting quality education and training to students to help them in contributing to the growth of the health and medicine sector. The curriculum is designed to cultivate a culture of teamwork, scientific enquiry and lifelong learning for the students and the pedagogy used includes distinct teaching/learning methods that cater to different learning characteristics of a culturally diverse group of students like lectures, small group teaching, computer workshops, laboratory classes and problem-based learning.

Teaching is complemented by case-based learning and early exposure to patient care in a variety of health community settings. Students have access to teaching with a strong scientific emphasis throughout the programme which helps them to develop skills in research techniques and methodology and gain the ability to apply evidence-based medicinal practices in their career. The programme is regulated by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and spans for four and a half years divided into semesters, followed by a compulsory internship for a year.

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